Thursday, March 18, 2010

{ 17 } FOR REALS: No Chickens...

Blarg. I know I promised you an ISBN months ago; I did not lie. It's just that since I posted my original self-challenge, I've been working off what little ass I ever had. I've taken on four jobs now. Three of them are, albeit, the same in nature, but between them I'm gone Sunday through Friday with less then 48 hours to spend with the BF.

In my defense, I have not had time to set up my office. This is the office in which I have stored all the material that I was going to publish. My office is more of a storage unit, not only for my publishable items, but also for the cat and guinea pig boxes. That does not exactly inspire me.

I have been working on writing, though! My young adult novel (did I tell you I'm writing one?) is currently at 11,330 words.

I've written four scripts for a web series called Dave Becomes A Trucker. It's funny, funny shit, IMNSHO.

I'm also working on a novel called The Flowers Be Not Sad about the life of an unwilling drug user. No, it's not autobiographical, thankyouverymuch.

HOS is not dead, but I have not been working on it as much as I should. I have the internet in sporadic moments when I'm on the road and, sad to say, HOS still needs more research.

So here's the deal: when I get time, I will finish my office and gather my publishable work. THEN I shall provide you with the ISBN to my book.

Be prepared to wait, dear readers.