Friday, September 17, 2010

{ 18 } I'm A (Kind Of) Paid Writer!

Run down:

- Working on HOS? Not lately.
- Working on that YA novel? Uh, it's been a few.
- Getting the self-published project off the ground? Not so much.
Any New "Dave" episodes? No, but I think he's still a trucker...
- Are you doing ANYTHING worthy of your writer title?!? YES!

That's right, people. Meet you new Fort Collins Vegetarian Restaurant Examiner on examiner.com! I get to eat out and then write about it. It's like I died and went to meatless Heaven!

Here's my first article: FoCo's Snooze is good, but sleeping might be better

I am pretty much the coolest person you know. More updates to come! Now read the article and subscribe so I can stop fretting about not having any subscribers!