Sunday, May 17, 2015

{ 33 } Undertaking

So, for those of you unawares, I took two weeks off from my job to write. What am I writing, you ask?

Whatever falls out of my fingers.

I've got two major works in the process. Here is an unedited excerpt from one of them. I can almost promise it will take a different form on the printed page, but here it is for now. Enjoy.


I once was a cook at a breakfast place where I had been the only female in the kitchen. Ever. The manager would constantly get drunk and confuse me with his on-again, off-again girlfriend.

YOU NEVER LOVED ME!” he'd shout from his text.

Um, yeah. But I filled all the sauce bottles.”

SAUCE! You FUCKED Pete for fucks!”

You realize you're not texting Abby right now, right?”

You CUNTS are all the same!”

When I'd ask him about it the next morning, he'd deny, deny, deny. And then meticulously scrutinize the things he thought I had left undone.

You didn't cut onions.”

I left a note saying we were out of onions.”

Well, you didn't fill the salt shakers.”

The shakers were in the dish...”

The note you left was long and stupid! Why the fuck did I ever hire a girl to work here!” And off he would stomp, content in his hungover brain that me, the dedicated employee, and Abby, the girl that done him wrong, were one and the same. Fucking cunts.


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