Saturday, December 20, 2008

{ 8 } Year's End Lament

I hate this time of year. It's a left right knock out, with XMas, brother's birthday, New Years, my birthday, all with in the span of two weeks. Ick.

Of course, this doesn't inspire me to write. BUT I did indeed find a good source of inspiration: one Mr. Josh Bucher. Joshems is an ex-BF of mine. But not the crappy kind of ex, oh no. He never hit me, he never spoke a bad word to me, he was never unkind. Josh is my ex-BF only because I'm an ass hole. Josh is one of the kindest, most giving, smartest people I know. And when I say smart, I mean it. In all ways, but, for the current most important way, smartest about the subject of my novel.

Josh and I met to discuss HOS last Wednesday. It was awesome: I couldn't even finish a sentence before he was spouting off ideas. We are to meet next week to go over some more ideas. I love the Josh!

Getting shit done!

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